As leaders within our industry sectors and leaders within our communities, we have both an opportunity and an obligation to improve sustainability practices for ourselves, for our customers and our communities.

Aotea Group’s commitment to sustainability is:

  • To provide our services and expertise in ways that accelerate customers' progress towards their own sustainability goals.
  • To measure and understand our energy use, carbon emissions and waste so we can manage them responsibly.
  • To continue to develop a diverse workforce with the right breadth and depth of skills, knowledge, expertise and those who share a passion for our environment and our vision.
  • To embed a commitment to leadership in sustainable practices into our work culture and job responsibilities.

When will we do it?

We have already started, and we will drive this relentlessly until we are recognised by our customers, staff and communities as leaders in sustainability within our industry sectors. We will make a difference and our actions will speak louder than our words so we can manage them responsibly.